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This Program Project grant establishes the fully integrated interdisciplinary programs of research and core facilities that are necessary to develop a fundamental understanding of the complex interplay between two rapidly emerging fields in cancer therapy: 1) targeted radionuclide therapy (TRT) and 2) immunotherapy. Our overarching objectives are to develop a detailed mechanistic understanding of the immunomodulatory capacity of TRT agents and to evaluate and compare the ability of these agents to elicit cooperative therapeutic interactions in combination with immunotherapies. Our broad hypothesis is that by modulating tumor immune tolerance and functional immunogenicity at all tumor sites, TRT will increase response to certain cancer immunotherapies. We will test this in the following Program Projects:

  • Project 1: Novel TRTs for Dosimetry-Guided Immunomodulation
  • Project 2: TRT to enhance tumor cell immune susceptibility and response to immune checkpoint inhibitors
  • Project 3: Combining TRT with a localized in situ vaccine to overcome immune suppression in the tumor microenvironment and augment T cell responses
  • Project 4: TRT with tumor-specific vaccine to stimulate and expand T-cell activation

These highly integrated projects will not only benefit from the methods and findings generated in one another, but they also will directly benefit from the expertise and service of four essential Core Facilities: 1) Advanced imaging and dosimetry core (AIDC), 2) Radiopharmaceutical and radiochemistry core (RPRC), 3) Biostatistics and bioinformatics core (BBC), and 4) Administrative core.

Our multidisciplinary team brings together the broad expertise needed to mobilize these resources in pursuit of our proposed objectives. These efforts will further benefit from robust institutional matching support, leadership of a strong Internal Advisory Committee, invaluable Industry collaborations, and expertise of an External Advisory Board. Because of the immediate and broad potential for clinical translation of our results, these studies portend an opportunity to improve the treatment of any oncology patient, regardless of cancer type, tumor location, burden of disease, or patient age.

Wisconsin ITRT  Team Celebrates Recent Publication

Science Translational Medicine cover.

Combining low-dose radiotherapy with immunotherapy eradicates metastatic cancer in mice.

July 14, 2021 Article: news.wisc.edu

Research by Drs. Zachary Morris, associate professor in the Department of Human Oncology, and Ravi Patel, Bentson Translational Research Fellow alum, finds that combining targeted radiopharmaceutical therapy with immunotherapy significantly boosts eradication of metastatic cancer in mice, even when the radiation is given in doses too low to destroy the cancer outright. Their research appears in the journal Science Translational Medicine.



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